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Version: 7.0.0

Date: 2014

SPX Instant Screen Capture


Screen capture in real time and send instantly to any destination: clipboard, file, graphic editor, studio, e-mail, web, Windows Instant Messenger, ICQ, printer/fax.

What's New ?

  • Vista Compatible
  • SPX Graphic Editor
  • Capture & Send to E-mail using SMTP engine
  • Capture & Send to Windows Instant Messenger

How it works?
Capture freehand shapes, rectangles, active windows, or the desktop.
Enhance the screen capture with text annotations and graphic watermarks (stamps).

Summary of features

Activate with right mouse button:
Just press and hold the right mouse button. The cursor turns into a crosshair. Drag with the mouse and release. Done.

Activate with hotkeys :
Press the assigned key for capturing freehand / rectangle / window. After the cursor turns into a crosshair, the rest is jeu d'enfant...

Capture modes :
Free Hand shape, Rectangle or Window, including menus, long scrollable windows, documents, web pages, regions, objects

Enhance with Edge Effects( Shadow, Torn Edge, Outline ), text annotations or graphic watermarks.

Send to one or more outputs :
Clipboard : Cut only what you want and paste where you need it.
File : Prompt for name / Fixed name / Incremental
Editor: SPX Graphic Editor or your favorite program:
Studio : Add : Notes, Balloons,Highlights, Text, Images ...
Mail : Attached or Embedded to pre-set addresses.

SMTP Server
Outlook Express
Lotus Notes

Web : Upload your screen capture to your FTP server.
ICQ / Windows Instant Messanger : Send pictures to your friends on-line.
Printer/Fax : Print Screen key will now really print the screen...
Custom destination : Database, server, network

Other features:
Timer: Record computer activity by capturing at regular intervals.
Webcam: Set the timer to your webcam refresh frequence. Don't miss the action when you're away.
Zoom: Make your screenshots precise from the beginning.
Favorites: Many work scenarios? Save each SPX configuration under a favorite name.
Integrate: Put SPX to work for your application or your website.

Trial Download

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SPX Instant Screen Capture single user license incl. Life time support (email)




SPX Instant Screen Capture 5-user license incl. Life time support (email)




SPX Instant Screen Capture 50-user license incl. Life time support (email)




Pricing is based on prepayment and excluding VAT / BTW / MwSt / TVA.

Please contact btsoftware for Unlimited Corporate and Educational licenses.

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Last updated : 25-09-2020


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