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Version: 2020 R3

Date: 7-2020

Rebex Total Pack


Why Rebex Total Pack
In Rebex Total Pack you'll get all .NET, .NET CF, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android components from Rebex in one pack:
SFTP, FTP, FTPS, IMAP, EWS, POP3, SMTP, NTP, SNTP, Time, Mail, SSH Shell and Telnet Terminal emulation, Security, ZIP compression.

Components included

  • Rebex SFTP
  • Rebex FTP/SSL
  • Rebex Secure Mail
  • Rebex Security
  • Rebex Terminal Emulation
  • Rebex Time
  • Rebex ZIP
  • Rebex File Server


  • FTP classic
  • FTPS - FTP over TLS/SSL
  • SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • SMTP
  • SMTP over TLS/SSL
  • POP3
  • POP3 over TLS/SSL
  • IMAP
  • IMAP over TLS/SSL
  • NTP
  • SNTP
  • SSH Shell
  • Telnet


  • SSH
  • SFTP


  • Terminal Emulation
  • ZIP
  • MIME
  • S/MIME
  • MSG

Additional features

  • Royalty free
  • C# and VB.NET samples
  • One year of free updates
  • No open source code used
  • 100% managed C# code

Complete list of changes of version 2020 R.3

  • All: Added binaries targeting .NET Standard 2.1.
  • SFTP: Added workaround for misbehaving SSH_FXP_STAT on DataPowerSSH servers (SftpSettings.EnableBrokenDirectoryStatWorkaround option).
  • File Server: Added support for anonymous authentication.
  • File Server: Fixed handling of unknown SSH packets received before authentication.
  • File Server: Changed SSH cipher info logging style (unified with client-side SSH).
  • File Server: Workaround for very old OpenSSH 4.x/5.x clients that refuse to accept data packets while SSH renegotiation is in progress.
  • Mail: Added MailSettings.AllowOversizedLines option.
  • POP3: Added OAuth 2.0 authentication support.
  • IMAP: Added workaround for Office365 and Yahoo IMAP servers that do not properly handle OAuth 2.0 tokens sent as IMAP literals.
  • EWS: Fixed parsing of SOAP messages with 'xsd:any' elements.
  • SSH Shell: When TerminalOptions.LocalEcho is enabled, echo opcode is requested on SSH channel.
  • HTTP: Fixed HTTP request retry behavior. Retry request is not initiated when failed request already started sending the request body.
  • SSH: Enhanced legacy group exchange autodetection.
  • TLS Core: Added TlsSocket.ApplicationProtocol property to make it possible to determine protocol negotiated using ALPN extension.
  • TLS Core: Always preferring RSA/SHA-2 for client certificate authentication in TLS 1.2.
  • TLS Core: Disabled ciphers based on AES/CBC and SHA-2 in legacy versions of TLS (they are only specified by TLS 1.2).
  • TLS Core: Fixed availability of TLS 1.3 session tickets (client side).
  • TLS Core: Fixed handling of multiple concurrent Receive or Send method calls in TLS 1.3.
  • TLS Core: Fixed handling of TLS 1.3 KeyUpdate handshake message.
  • TLS Core: Fixed server name handling for TlsSocket instances created from an already-connected Socket.
  • TLS Core: Fixed TlsException.Status to return ConnectionClosed for connection-closed errors.
  • TLS Core: Fixed TlsException.Status to return Timeout for timeout errors.
  • TLS Core: Fixed TlsSocket.ClientCertificate that returned an empty chain instead of null in some scenarios.
  • TLS Core: Improved error message when server certificate is rejected in TLS 1.3.
  • TLS Core: Improved error messages in TLS 1.3.
  • TLS Core: Logging improvements.
  • TLS Core: No longer sending 'internal error' alert to remote end on timeout.
  • TLS Core: Optimized TLS 1.3 internals.
  • TLS Core: TLS 1.3 initiates key update properly (before the AEAD limits are reached).
  • TLS Core: Unified behavior of the Receive and ReceiveAsync methods across TLS versions.
  • TLS: Added DisposeAsync method to TlsSocket.
  • TLS: Added server-side support for Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) extension (RFC 7301).
  • TLS: Added TlsParameters.CertificateChainMode property.
  • TLS: Added TlsStream class. Supports TLS 1.0-1.3 via Stream-based API.
  • TLS: An error is reported when trying to use one of deprecated methods via TlsServerSocket.
  • TLS: Fixed error messages reported on client certificate validation to properly refer to client certificate.
  • TLS: Fixed error reporting when trying to use SSL 3.0 on Windows OS in FIPS-only mode.
  • Cryptography: Fixed encoding of ECDSA signatures in PKCS #7 CertificationRequest structure.
  • Cryptography: Memory usage optimizations in CNG layer.
  • Cryptography: On Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 or higher, MS CNG API is used for classic Diffie-Hellman calculations instead of legacy MS CryptoAPI.
  • Cryptography: Optimized disposing of temporary keys in Certificate class.
  • WebSocket: Enhanced keep-alive logic. Pings are now send from Poll method as well if appropriate.

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Last updated : 25-09-2020


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