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Version: 3.2.4

Date: 12-2015

NTFS Security Auditor


NTFS Security Auditor is a powerful NTFS permissions reporting tool that gives you complete control and flexibility to audit and report NTFS permissions on folders and files across your organization. NTFS Security Auditor provides you a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of your Windows File Server audit - permissions of users and groups on shares, folders and files. Our NTFS permissions reporting software presents insights on how the security of your windows network is organized, by reporting on ACLs of shares, folders and files. The product caters to the needs of Information Security professionals as well as Systems Management professionals by providing granular, multi-dimensional security reports.

Why NTFS Security Auditor?

  • With Vyapin's NTFS Security Auditor you can perform a complete security scan of Shares, Folders and Files present in your network. You can perform an automated inventory of permissions on Folders and Files at regular intervals and keep a constant watch on the health of your NTFS security. Our solution provides a variety of audit reports that are simple, elegant and highly customizable for System Administrators, IT infrastructure Managers and Systems Audit personnel to use and act on. There are several powerful, ready-to-use reports that assist in both Management reporting and Compliance reporting requirements such as SOX and HIPAA. Vyapin's NTFS Security Auditor serves your needs of administrative tasks as well as complex data preparation tasks for assisting in compliance.
  • Vyapin's NTFS Security Auditor has been architected using the latest Microsoft .NET technology, bringing you the best-in-breed NTFS reporting solution for your entire Windows Network. The software is highly optimized for performance (using native Windows API calls wherever appropriate), resulting in fast data collection of permissions from Shares, Folders and Files. You can create data subsets for your network using powerful scan options and meaningfully segment your entire network for data collection and reporting.


  • NTFS Security Auditor provides answers to important questions about the security and health of File systems in your servers and workstations.
  • Who has access to what in your Files, Folders and Shares? Is there any unauthorized access?
  • What type of access has been granted? Who can Read, Modify and Delete confidential Files and Folders?
  • Do deleted or unknown users have access to files and folders?
  • Who have been given special/explicit permissions on folders? Do the normal rules such as "inheritance of permissions by folders from parent" apply or have they been broken or subverted?
  • Who have unauthorized access to confidential files and folders indirectly because of nested group membership?
  • Are people sharing folders from their workstations?
  • Are there Shares in workstations that need further security?
  • What type of permissions and conditions have been configured for each the Central Access Rules (CAR) in Central Access Policy (CAP) over the domain controller (Windows Server 2012)?
  • Who have access limited permissions by Dynamic Access Control (DAC) / Central Access Policy (CAP) on Which folder?
  • Which shared folders and subfolders (in Windows Server 2012) have been affected/not affected by the Central Access Policy?

Functional Benefits

  • Report NTFS permissions across servers and workstations in multiple domains, including Files, Folders and Shares. View permissions using different dimensions.
  • Given a set of users and groups, determine which folders and files do they have access to.
  • Given a set of folders and files, which users have access and which groups do these users belong to?
  • Determine which users and groups may indirectly impact NTFS permissions based on their group memberships in nested groups (analyze inadvertent user access).
  • Determine the "Effective Permissions" of groups and users on shares, folders and files - permissions that have been explicitly set and those that have been inherited through groups and nested groups.
  • Report local shares on individual workstations and produce a summary of all such shares for your entire domain.
  • Perform a granular search of various types of permissions on files and folders. For example, search for users and groups that have Full Control permission for a specified set of folders and files.
  • Determine what type of permissions and conditions have been configured for each of the Central Access Rules in Central Access policy over the domain.
  • Given a set of accounts, determine which shared folders do they have effective permissions based on DAC/CAP.
  • Determine on which shared folders and subfolders have been affected/not affected by the Central Access Policy.
  • Select a Set of Domain (s) / Server (s) and determine the configured Central Access Policies and Central Access Rules.
  • Compare permissions on any two folders by displaying the differences in the ACLs of the folders.


  • No agent installation. Information is collected, processed and displayed on the same machine where NTFS Security Auditor is installed.
  • Supports both Ms-Access and SQL Server for data storage.
  • Report on Shares, folders and files with all their permissions, including Inherited and "Apply To" information, along with additional group membership information of users and nested groups.
  • Generate a summary of shares and permissions for each domain.
  • Built-in Reports that have some of the most sought after Security reports such as:
    - Permissions for specific users and groups on folders report
    - Permissions for folders report
    - Permissions for specific users and groups on files report
    - Permissions for files report
    - Permissions for folders (Inherited & Explicit) report
    - Effective permissions for users and groups on folders report
    - Effective permissions for users and groups on files report
    - Effective permissions for specific users and groups on folders report
    - Effective permissions for specific users and groups on files report
    - Shares Report
    - Share permissions report
  • Perform powerful, conditional Search queries of Permissions on Files and Folders using the Power Search feature. Save frequently used queries for later use.
  • Ability to restrict the scope by scanning only a predefined subset of Accounts and Computers in the domain by setting up Scan Profiles. Especially useful for medium to large enterprise networks.
  • Enumerate Computers using the Windows Browser Service or Active Directory.
  • Customize reports for display.
  • Security Vulnerabilities reports show possible vulnerabilities in access rights assigned to users and groups on shared folder(s) or file(s).
    - All explicit permissions for folders
    - Broken inheritance and their permissions for folders
    - Permissions for orphaned accounts on folders
    - Permissions for disabled user accounts on folders
    - Permissions for destructive access on folders
    - Deny permissions set for folders (Explicit & Inherited)
    - User accounts that have indirect access to folders due to nested group membership
    - Effective access for specific users and groups on folders
    - Permissions for "Everyone" group on folders

What's New in 3.2.4?

  • Included new File and Folder Ownership report in Built-in Reports feature that displays the owner for files and folders and sub-folders of a share.
  • Reports the member of information for the trusted domain ACEs present in the shared folder/files in the Built-in Reports feature.
  • Fixed to support certain special characters in folder and file names in export files.
  • Users can request a permanent license key by filling a form within the application.

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