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Version: 5.5.2

Date: 11-2016

Exchange Server Toolbox


The Exchange Server Toolbox is a powerful plugin for Microsoft Exchange Server and hMailServer. The email filter with an extensive rule system protects inboxes from spam and viruses was released in 2006 and is being continuoulsy improved.

Flexible Rules Engine
A powerful set of rules facilitates mail processing similar to Microsoft Outlook for all incoming and outgoing emails: regular expressions help you to sort emails by content. To avoid costly lawsuits, single email adresses or entire domains can be blacklisted. Exchange Server 2007 or higher enables you to apply all rules to internal emails.

Automatic Email Archiving
The email backup ensures the integrity of your archived mails by creating a signature and checking against it. This faclilitates email archiving compliant to many of the current international electronic archiving regulations - for examble the German GoBD.

Proven Spam & Virus Protection
Take advantage of the integrated SpamAssassin and filter unwanted or dangerous email. Blacklists and whitelists, bayes filtering, blacklist servers and static filters keep your inbox clean. The Exchange Server Toolbox offers a spam detection rate of over 99%.

The ClamAV anti-virus scanner examines incoming email for viruses. To guarantee even better protection, using a second virus scanner - for example the one already installed on your system - is recommended.

The Exchange Server Toolbox keeps your inboxes safe and clean. It manages emails automatically and securely.

The Exchange Server Toolbox can also help increase protection from crypto trojans and ransomware like the Locky trojan.

Outlook Add-in for spam filter training and archive search
Users access the email archive or train the spam filter with the Exchange Server Toolbox Outlook Add-In.


Integration and Configuration

  • Plugin for the Microsoft Exchange Server - seamlessly integrates into the server environment.
  • The Exchange Server Toolbox will also work as plug-in for the open source hMailServer - all features included.
  • Simple and clear configuration interface.

Rules Engine

  • Extensive set of rules for processing incoming mail, e.g. automatically pass certain messages to external programs.
  • Rules can be applied to internal emails (Exchange Server 2007 and higher).
  • Variables can be used as placeholders to process text content of emails - e.g. in personalized out-of-office-notices or as part of the order process.
  • Avoid lawsuits: Blacklist email recipients and make sure that no unwanted email is sent out.


  • Backups can now be performed to a database (integrated database, Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL Server) or to the file system.
  • The integrity of your archived mails is ensured by creating a signature and checking against it (supported by an integrated database: Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL Server). This provides archiving compliant to the latest international electronic backup laws.
  • An archive index is created to facilitate searching the content of the backups.

Spam Filter

  • Strong anti-spam solution: The integrated SpamAssassin runs out-of-the-box, including statistical Bayes filter and the option to train the identification of spam (or junk) and ham ("no spam") emails manually.
  • Create your own spam rules for individualized spam protection.
  • Integrated blacklists and whitelists for email adresses and words in subject or content.

Virus Scanner

  • Anti-virus software ClamAV is integrated, additional software can be connected for even better virus protection.
  • Refuse virus-infected emails and increase your protection against crypto trojans and ransomware.

Outlook Add-In

  • The Outlook add-in facilitates easy archive search for users.
  • Enables users to train "spam" and "no spam" e-mail recognition resulting in increased protection from junk emails.

Extended Windows event log

  • The extended event log guarantees an easy overview over all emails processed via the Exchange Server Toolbox.

Release V5.5.2:

  • Several problems in the SpamAssassin Service that caused the spam detection to fail have been fixed.
  • Downgrade to ClamAV engine v98.7.0, due to possible errors during signature updates regarding in the latest version.
  • The ClamAV virus signatures are only updated when antivirus is enabled. Several problems regarding SaneSecurity signature updates have been fixed.
  • In case of an insufficient license it was not possible to save settings. This is no longer the case.
  • An error in bounce mail detection has been fixed. Particular emails were falsely detected, in some other cases bounce mail detection failed.
  • Empty emails caused the mail processing to crash on hMailServer installations. This has been fixed.
  • Spam emails are now rejected on hMailServer installations.
  • An encoding problem regarding particular emails on hMailServer installations has been fixed.
  • Problems occurring when sending Auto-Reply messages via SMTP (Action) has been solved.
  • Using "Add to Auto-Whitelist" / "Remove from Auto-Whitelist" in the log view now works as expected.
  • Users can no longer accidently set NTFS Read restrictions for entire drives.
  • Several Errors in MS Outlook Add-In have been fixed.

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Exchange Server Toolbox for up to 25 mailboxes incl. 3 year Maintenance (email)




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