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Version: 8.0.1

Date: 7-2019

CodeSmith Generator


What is CodeSmith Generator?
CodeSmith Generator is a software development tool to help you get your job done faster. Technically speaking it is a template driven source code generator that automates the creation of common application source code for any language (C#, Java, VB, PHP, ASP.NET, SQL, etc.). CodeSmith Generator includes many useful templates as well as entire sets of templates for generating proven architectures. You can easily modify any templates or write your own to generate your code exactly the way you want it.

CodeSmith Generator's syntax is almost identical to ASP.NET. So if you are familiar with ASP.NET then you should be able to quickly learn the template syntax. You can use the C#, VB.NET or JScript.NET languages in your templates and your templates can output any ASCII-based (text based) language.

What can CodeSmith Generator do for you?
CodeSmith Generator can help you produce higher-quality, more consistent code in less time and enables software developers to efficiently:

  • Reduce repetitive coding.
  • Generate your code in less time with fewer bugs.
  • Produce consistent code that adheres to your standards.
  • Create your own custom templates for any language.

What's new in version 8.0.1

New Features

  • Added a new PostgreSQLSchemaProvider (Contrib Paul Welter).

Bug Fixes

  • Added additional error handling around saving documents in visual studio.
  • Fixed a bug where extracting samples could fail without retrying.
  • Many more minor bug fixes.

Breaking Changes
The installer no longer contains MSBuild support or Visual Studio Integration. If you are getting an error about a missing targets file, youâ??ll need to either remove the targets file from the project file or right click on your CodeSmith Generator Project File and under options remove Generate on Build and reenable it. This will remove the old targets file which is invalid and install the CodeSmith.Generator.Task NuGet package which will enable the Generate on build support.

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